For companies

Various formulas are available

Training/interviewing/supervision/practice analysis

  • Training modules for adults (based on experiences, role plays, practical cases, reflections of the participants). Groups of 6 participants per trainer
  • Program of 40 modules on understanding conflict (7 days)
  • Specific sessions :
    • Constructive conflict resolution (3 half days)
    • General and commercial mediation (to be defined according to your needs)
    • Customized (program to be defined according to your needs)

Facilitation of Intervision for mediators and supervision for companies (4 quarterly sessions for a total of 7 hours per year, with a certification recognized by the partner associations of mediation and conflict management (FSM, CSMC, ...). Delivery of the certification

Fees :

For mediators :

  • Annual cycle of 4 sessions of practice analysis in a specialized field for mediators CHF 490

For a company :

  • Prior knowledge of the conflict and the problematic. Identification of themes and participants: CHF 250/h
  • Package 10h: 2 x 1/2 day CHF 1'800 or 1 day CHF 3'400 (two speakers)