What accompaniment?

Together with our partner specialists, our motivation is to enable our clients to find a lasting solution to their problem.

In order to achieve this, we work with our clients to bring about a constructive change in their situation through transparent communication, self-reflection and openness to new options and developments.

We assess with our clients their respective needs and interests to cooperatively develop options and choose those that are realistic and satisfactory.

We work creatively with conflict. We adopt a positive neutrality and support each participant without taking sides. In a protected setting, you will have the space to feel confident to see things differently and dare to change in order to achieve concrete results.

With multidisciplinary training and experience, we rely on a network of partners who are specialists in their fields of expertise. Depending on your situation, we will suggest the right people and offer you the best skills that correspond to your needs.

Our systemic vision will allow you to position yourself as a person in your environment. Our intercultural team will enjoy addressing your questions by proposing a personalized and adapted approach for a unique, tailored and caring service.