What is mediation?

Mediation, according to Michèle Guillaume-Hoffnung, is an ethical communication process that promotes the knowledge of "doing things together". It can be applied in areas such as work, health, politics.

This process is based on the responsibility and autonomy of the participants, in which an impartial, independent and neutral third party favors, through confidential discussions, the establishment or re-establishment of social ties (family, business, neighborhood, etc.), the prevention or resolution of the situation in question.

The philosophy of mediation understands the complexity of human behavior and goes beyond the "win-win" mantra, conflict resolution being only one of the branches of mediation, which also includes the creation or recreation of social ties and conflict prevention. It goes beyond conciliation or institutional regulation by respecting all the deontological guarantees.

I accompany you to possibly change your attitude by thinking about the why, the what and the how; to get out of your positions to understand your respective interests so that you can propose an agreement that is mutually satisfying and sustainable. An action plan is developed from the needs of each person in creative co-construction, always through questioning and, in principle, without taking part in the solution. The agreement will generally be handled by your lawyers, in compliance with the law and public order. It can be in written form.