"Faced with a conflict between two employees in key positions in our organization and unable to find a solution to the situation, we decided to call on Ms. Nathalie Herren to set up a mediation procedure. From the very first contact with Ms. Herren, we were convinced that this was the right approach and the right person to talk to. Indeed, she quickly understood the stakes of our organization as well as the problems that led to the conflict. With her very human and professional approach, Ms. Herren was able to accompany us in order to quickly lower the tension and find a lasting solution involving all the participants. I am convinced that mediation is the best solution to resolve a situation of this kind, because this process is carried out by a person who is totally neutral and outside the organization, and who is also perfectly trained to manage such cases and to accompany the different parties involved."

André Guillet, former HR Manager Switzerland - Visilab SA